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Device cannot be flashed anymore - Audi S4 2011

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Downloaded Flashlink Manager on website, Plugged up my Fortin Flashlink 4 to my Fortin module (Fortin-AUDT1), drivers installed fine and I was able to update the flashlink updater to Version 4.05.


However when going thru the setup wizard, it got to the point where it recommended me Bypass Firmware 60.08.  When I hit "Flash", it pops up with a 'Downloading' icon in the top right, a "3%" in the bottom left, then a quick flash of text and the downloading and 3% dissapears.  Tried this a few times, still no luck.


Switching to Pro Mode, there was no option to pick Firmware 60.08 so I flashed firmware 75.39, which  the notes up top alerted me saying this firmware is incompatible with current vehicle.  It sounds like I installed the wrong firmware in Pro Mode, so I went back to the Setup Wizard, tried hitting  Flash on the 60.08 it recommended, and same thing, says Downloading and dissapears.  After a few tries, I get "Device Flash Limit Reached- The current device cannot be flashed anymore".

1) Can I get SN: 001A06900986 unlocked?

2) What's preventing me from downloading firmware 60.08? Pops up as downloading then dissapears right away.
asked Oct 7, 2020 in Audi by Ken Lo (130 points)

1 Answer

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Your module needs to be hardware 7 and have a QR code on it. Old hardwares cannot support the new solution that covers not losing a key. That's why you are not seeing the 60.XX platform firmware.

answered Oct 8, 2020 by Robb (255,240 points)
Thank you, that means if its hardware 6, it wont work at all. Bummer, I believe I have hardware 6. If I need hardware 7, how can I verify the fortin-Audt1 kit I buy is hardware 7? Most of these links on amazon/ebay only show a generic box kit, doesnt list what hardware it is. Thanks!
give me a couple of days, we will see if the new firmware can be made available for hw6

1) Am i understanding this right: if 60.08 is the firmware that works for a 2011 Audi S4 and its only available on hardware 7 manufacturered past 2019, does that mean hardware 6 never had a firmware that supported the S4? Or is there previous firmware for example 60.02 for hardware 6 that did work, but has since been discontinued?


2) Appreciate the help Robb, is it typical that outdated hardware (hw6) gets updates that make it work without needing new hw7?
The original solution was to use a Key wrap.

They were able to add 60.02 back to hw6 but not anything newer as it didnt exist for that hardware.

HW7 has been out for almost 2 years. All new solutions since then have been mostly done for HW7 with the exception of a few. Although the firmware numbers are the same, the actually software is different.
Appreciate the quick replies! I was able to get another kit, this time it was hardware 7 and it flashed properly with the app on a pc. Setup of the keyfob was super easy and I even added an RF remote kit (RF642) and it paired those remotes quick as well. The longest and most time consuming part was getting to the key port plug in the back, which required using a triple square to remove the bolt hidden behind the steering column underneath the cluster. Everything else was easy using t-taps to splice the 3 cables in. Thank you!
The keyport connector is DEFINITELY a nightmare to get to (and i have tiny hands).

Glad you got it going!