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volvo xc 60 2014 starting issue using EVO ALL in ONE

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i have some problems with EVO ALL in ONE installed on 2014 VOLVO XC 60.all programming was ok, including key clonning.when i give start comand, there are few times (3-4 in row) when engine starting for 3 seconds and stop.( no LED on, stop signal form EVO module ), other time engine running for 1 min. ( red &yellow LED on ) and after that stop again ( stop signal from EVO module ) , some times ( only few times, like 1 time from 10 atempts) engine running as the VIPER 5901 is programmed ( 20 min ) and all ok.

diagram guide 75641.

my opinion is that EVO unit doesn't detect de correct RPM, or there is another isue.

Please advise.
asked Sep 22, 2020 in Volvo by cata baran (130 points)
reshown Oct 27, 2020 by Robert T

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module?


Did you try setting the viper to voltage sensing to see how the vehicle reacts?
answered Sep 22, 2020 by derek ! (278,800 points)
Thanks Robb,i will try now to see. UPDATE!!!!! Even wire by wire the evo module is shuting down the engine after one minute and the same error,3 yellow flashes. I did all the wires,engine starting but running 1 min. I changed and the settings as "STAND ALONE" in order to cancel all D2D comunication.....same. Any ideeas?sure there is a bug in evo module firmware...any help?

There is no options in the unit that turns off datalink. To go wire-to-wire, you need to cut the blue and white wires in the datalink connector.


connect the yellow wire to the the vehicles ignition. no diode needed.


also make sure you are on the right immo wire. 2 wires same color, both will program, and only 1 will work properly.  http://www.wirecolor.com/vehiclegroupimage/148596.jpg

6534563726426555793" style="width: 500px; height: 368px;">

Yes,wires are done as per diagram,diode is used only for viper in/out ignition,all the rest ar as pe diagram.the wire for D2D are cut,so there is not connection. In the settings are off all data connections,etc. All connections including IMO are correct,rechecked again now.
I have no other suggestions at this time.
If you have any option or how to contact someone from technical in order to check/download/upload any data from evo module to see where is the problem.some person from software develop etc.


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