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2020 GMC Sierra THAR-GM6 or THAR-GM7??

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So one day I checked for the T-harness options and downloaded the install gudie for a 2020 GMC Sierra and it indicated a THAR-GM6.  Literally the next day it was the THAR-GM7 and it was also refelcted in the install guide.  What is the actual differance and does the THAR-GM6 not work, or can it still be used?  

Also, does the "standard key" install also work the push to start?
asked Sep 14, 2020 in GMC by jamber (210 points)

1 Answer

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We have not tested the 2020 push-to-start version yet. So it is not currently supported.


GM7 is the correct harness for a 2020 1/2ton standard key: https://fortin.ca/en/products/t-harnesses/thar-gm7/vehicles.html


GM6 is for push-to-start gm vehicles: https://fortin.ca/en/products/t-harnesses/thar-gm6/vehicles.html
answered Sep 15, 2020 by derek ! (277,630 points)
selected Sep 15, 2020 by Robert T
Is there any time frame for support for the 2020 GMC Sierra PTS?


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