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Eco one cranks but no start

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I installed eco-one in 2013 hyundai santafe xl and programming is done properly but car just crank and then shut down and then lights flash 4 times and also evo one do second attempt but same thing happening. I checked every connection but no success
asked Sep 5 in Hyundai by HARPREET SINGH DHILLON (640 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
What is the S/N to the module?
answered Sep 8 by Derek (190,370 points)
if you unplug the red connector for the evo one does the vehicle still start with the key in the ignition?
No then it's just cranking
I checked every connection but nothing bad
try rolling the firmware back 1 version then re program it and re test it.
Okh and do i need to change tech settings or it's gona be default and do I need to change bypass side firmware or remote starter side
No need to touch the tach setting.


Change the firmeware bypass side then re program and re test.