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can telematics and rf kits be use at the same time on the evo-one?

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the 2 blue antennae plugs on the evo-one are not the same size plugs.  both connecting plugs on the My Car unit and the RF642W unit are the same and will only plug into the smaller dark blue plug on the evo-one.  i bought the evo-one unit because i seen videos saying that i can use both.  Is this no longer the case?
asked Aug 29 in Chevrolet by robert arberry (130 points)

2 Answers

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Only evo-start2 and fortin rf kits can be used together.


Other telematics devices do not support the fortin rf kits at the same time.


This will probably be supported in the future but I do not have a specific date as to when.
answered Aug 31 by Derek (190,250 points)
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The telematics kit I used, had an additonal data port on its own jumper, I was able to plug my RF kit into the port from the telematics suplied connector. (I used MyCarControls) Also must make sure your RF kit and Telematics kit both use the same protocol (eg Fortin2)
answered Aug 31 by ken simpson (950 points)
thats what i was thinking since there are 2 data ports on the evo-one(the small blue and the small black)    the larger light blue must be for a regular remote start antennae.

thanks you guy's for your reply.