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2015 Toyota Corolla LE (non-push-to-start) THAR-ONE-TOY8 or THAR-ONE-TOY3?

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On a 2015 Toyota Corolla LE (non-push-to-start) is there a benefit of using THAR-ONE-TOY8 over THAR-ONE-TOY3?

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asked Aug 20 in Toyota by Dan Rohr (130 points)
closed Aug 28 by Dan Rohr

1 Answer

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Yes the TOY 8 is a combination of a TOY3 harness and another one. TOY3 gets half the job done, TOY8 gets it all done !
answered Aug 20 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (59,790 points)
Thank you for a really fast response!

Could you give a bit more info? The product finder lists both harnesses as options for this car. Why would they suggest a harness that will not allow for a complete install? What will be missing with the TOY3?
You can check the TOY3 installation guide tu see what wire will need to be connected.
I see now, thank you for pointing that out.