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clutch by-pass wire

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Hi, my vehicle 2016 jetta GLI 6 speed manual. The installation guide pictures and diagram show the clutch by-pass is on the tan connector but if you read the text it says black connector. On my vehicle there is no wire on pin 30 on the tan connector, There is a wire on the black connector but the color is not as stated in the guide.
asked Aug 14 in Volkswagen by Keo Sann (130 points)

1 Answer

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clutch wire should also be present in a black connector

here: http://www.wirecolor.com/vehiclegroupimage/146825.jpg
answered Aug 14 by Robb (239,720 points)
Do you happen to know the pin # for the black connector. Mine doesn't not look anything like that. If it's pin 30, my wire is color black/green
Normally pin 30. purple/black or purple/white.

If possible, send a picture to support@fortin.ca of your connector.