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2017 Cadillac Escalade Take over can be accomplished without key

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i recently installed evo-all stand alone with T-harness Thar-GM6 and ASCL6  Every thing seems to program normally with out any problem but when i go back and check functionality i find severals problems

#1. Car can still be driven away if i dont have my keys on me. (Unlock with phone --> open door --> press brake --> put car in gear --> drive away)

here is a problem when i try to shut off the engine and press push-to-start button it shuts the engine but it stays in accesory mode and keeps telling me it could not find key and tells me to press brake and push push-to-start button to restart engine. To my surpise it starts without key again ( i have to press two times to shut it off) other wise accesory will still be on even if i get out of the car and lock some body can get in and start without keys (not to mention it will drain the batterty

#2. When i try to open trunk with one button it opens glass and trunk lid at the same time i can't seem to separate those two commands

question #1 isn't it suppouse to shuts off without key (sercurity/safety reason)??

#2 did i miss something?

#3 what can be done to separate opening glass from trunk lid (put them on two separate Aux channel)


may be i need to cut and reconnect C5 (brown wire) to Grey 26-Pin plug pin 23 (green wire) because its connected to 27-Pin Blue Connector pin 22 ?
asked Aug 8, 2020 in Cadillac by G PS (220 points)
edited Aug 10, 2020 by G PS

1 Answer

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1/ The only reason takeover is functioning without the key in the car is because you unlocked the vehicle. Permission to takeover comes from Unlocking from an authorized device; ie.. phone app, oem remote etc... 

A thief cannot unlock the vehicle and once they break in, the car will shut down on door open. If a thief can unlock your car, that means he has your keys. 

It's also important to note that on all push to start cars, once the vehicle is running, the key does not have to be present in the vehicle to drive away. Some manufactures will prevent shifting the car, but GM (at least my own buick), can be driven without the key present if it was already running.  


2/ No answer for this as there are no reports of both glass and lift gate opening at the same. You can try changing options A2 to OFF and also changing A5 and/or A6. 

may be i need to cut and reconnect C5 (brown wire) to Grey 26-Pin plug pin 23 (green wire) because its connected to 27-Pin Blue Connector pin 22 ?

It's the same databus. I don't believe this will change much. 

answered Aug 10, 2020 by Robert T (280,060 points)

I want to also add that GM allows a 15 or 20 second window from when the car has been shut down, that it can be restarted WITHOUT the key inside. GM has been like that forever with the Passkey system (not to be confused with passlock).


If you want to see for yourself. 

  1. Take the battery out of the remote. (the vehicle shouldnt be able to start)
  2. Start the vehicle by placing the key in the RF receiver (wherever the keyport location is on your car)
  3. shut down the vehicle and take key out the key from the RF receiver.  
  4. immediately restart it. Car will start.
Thanks. I will look in to it and I will report
Also, to help isolate. The ORANGE and ORANGE/BLACK are AUX1 and AUX2 analog inputs (20-pin connector).

To test, you give a ground pulse to each to see if your glass and trunk are independant AUX.



give a ground pulse to the orange, see what opens.

give a ground pulse to the orange/black, see what opens.


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