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i-stop feature is not work if using Take Over procedure

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Hi everyone,


I have a Mazda CX5 and installed Fortin Evo One with Thar-One-Maz3 T-harness. Everything works fine except:

  • I remote started the car by 3x locks, get in the car and press Start button (without pressing brakr pedal) then drive, i-stop feature did not work anymore. I-stop works as normal if I press brake pedal to stop engine then press Start button and drive. 

Is there anything I can do or configure to make i-stop works after performing "take over" procedure? 


Thank you,

asked Aug 2, 2020 in Mazda by Tuan Tran (130 points)

1 Answer

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Flash version 0.38 into the remote starter portion of the unit.


To access specific firmware flash, make sure the flash link program is in PRO Mode (click gear icon in the top right and select Pro mode).

Click on the REMOTE STARTER tab.

Choose view other firmwares

Select 0.38 and flash the unit

Plug evo back into car and try it out.
answered Aug 3, 2020 by Robert T (280,060 points)
Hi Robb, Thank you so much for your answer, I flashed the REMOTE START to v0.38 (which I see is a Beta version) but I-Stop is still not working. Just want to let you know that I don't connect the parking light wires. Is there anything else I can try?
0.38 is actually for Mazda equipped with the adaptive cruise. It simply reconfigures how the ignition on the car is powered during remote start.


Specific to the istop not being not functional is the first time i hear this. At the moment i can only open a report and will need the 12 digit service number of your module to do so.


In the mean time, I would suggest enabling door open shut down, option D3 in the bypass settings. This will force you to restart the car normally after it has been remote started.


One thing too note about the automatic stop/start on vheicles, such as the istart, there are a ton of reasons why it can not work. Such as a hood is detected open, low vehicle battery, low remote fob battery, A/C being on, low on fuel, etc... it varies per vehicle make. You may also have to press the istop button to turn it on after remote start.


You will also want to make sure the t-harness is fully clipped in, and locked, into your start/stop module under the steering column. https://youtu.be/szOCFFT8PkY
Hi Robb, I will get the SN for you tomorrow when I get to the car for sure. There is one thing that may not right is when I press Start/Stop button to "Take Over", I only see it flashes one time. It different than in the installation guide where Start/Stop button should flash twice. Do you know any reason for that?
Bạn đã sửa được lỗi i-stop không hoạt động khi ấn nút start để đi tiếp (không nhấn phanh chân) chưa vậy. Mình cũng bị như bạn


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