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where is the steering lock module for the us ver. Indiana 2019 crv push to start?

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Can't find the steering lock module in the US made 2019  Honda crv push to start Evo one. any help?
asked Jul 29, 2020 in Honda by Raymond Grenier (130 points)

1 Answer

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Vehicle may not be equipped with one. Ignore the connection if this is the case.


It's the grey metal box to the right of the steering column.




*** if the vehicle is not equipped with a steering lock module, vehicle takeover may not work properly.
answered Jul 29, 2020 by Robert T (279,040 points)
edited Jul 29, 2020 by Robert T
Can you tell me if there is a work around that they are working on? Thanks
At the moment, if takeover does not work, you will need to enable Door open shutdown.


Make sure to be on latest 73.37 version and ignore the connections for white/red and white/green
Thank you!


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