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Audi A6 with evo one - sometimes is not starting the car...

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I do have an evo one installed on my Audi A6 it is working fine, is remote starting the car, but sometimes when I do want to start the car I press like always 3 times on my remote control, and after a few seconds the car is responding with a blink back and not starting the car. I do need to take the power supply fuse out and back and is working again for some time. Is there any logs or something that can tell me what's wrong with it?

Thank you.
asked Jul 29, 2020 in Audi by Florin Grigore (160 points)

1 Answer

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The red led on back of the module (not the red that is on top), will flash between 1 and 6 times after a failed start attempt. Their meaning can be found in the generic evo-one guide, last page. https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/69611/rfk942-install-guide-69611.pdf


Also, on every lock press, the blue led will flash once. If it does not , try setting 38.5 (Lock-Unlock-Lock) instead of 38.2 (3xLock). 

answered Jul 29, 2020 by Robert T (284,630 points)
Thank you for your support, I will try to check the (light code meaning) and after to try it like you suggest.
Thank you for your support...

I did manage a few days ago to take a look at the fortin module located in my car, and I think that the wires were to tight...so I did losten a bit...now after 1 week the fortin is working like a champ.

I do have another question: how to connect a Pandora alarm to my fortin?

Thank you.