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2020 F150 auto start not working, lights just blink alternating yellow and red.

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I have a 2020 Ford F150 std-key-with-keyless and cant get the auto start to work. I set the evo-all to blue for programming, then I plug in the bottom cable. Turn key to on, yelow red leds turn on then start to blink and alternate. After 20 seconds I turn key to off and disconnect it. i then take it to my laptop and program and flash it. Once thats done I connect it per the instructions but the problem is I never get the red yellow lights to go solid. They just keep alternating and blinking. Turning the key on nothing change or off all I get is red and yellow blinking lights.

Heres a video I did of my issue. I set the start time to the issue mark but you can scan it all if needed.

asked Jul 28, 2020 in Ford by Jesse Ruiz (190 points)

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You never performed dcryptor. That is why the lights are still just alternating.


-Click the gear in the top right corner.

-Click go to pro mode.

-Then click on the dcryptor tab on the left hand side and click send data.

-Once dcryptor is done, plug into vehicle key on as indicated.

answered Jul 28, 2020 by Derek (204,790 points)
selected Jul 29, 2020 by Jesse Ruiz

Click that.

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I tried doing the dcryptor on a later attempt and i got the same result. I will give it another run this evening while recording and doing the dcryptor. Hope I missed something and it works.

I looked up your module s/n , 001A07059715 . It's looks flashed and dcrypted properly 3 times. 


Make sure to start the car normally at least once. There should be no check engine or any other dummy light on. Gas cannot be low.


If the horn honks once after attempting to remote start: 

-- hood is open, or

-- For vehicles NOT equipped with a factory hood switch, verify the required connection for the hood




Maybe it was the order of things but it works now. Thanks for your help!