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Wire connection connections to controll oem remote after start Evo-all with GMT1.v2 T-harness

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I have a chevrolet sonic/aveo 2012 and have now the evo all with GMT1.v2 installed and also already make the connection to the obd port1 and make the connection to my lightswitch. But my oem remote is not functional after i remote started. But there must be an modificiation to shut down also with the oem remote. Somebody can help me?
asked Jul 28, 2020 in FAQ by marco van der linden (190 points)

1 Answer

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That vehicle, and many other GM vehicles, will not allow the OEM remote to control Lock or Unlock while the vehicle is ON/Running. You will notice that when you start the vehicle with the key, the remotes do not work. It is working as intended.
answered Jul 28, 2020 by Robert T (284,540 points)
Allright that part is clear, but now the wiring. I don't get clear what color wires i have to connect besides plug in the gmt1.v2? I read so many different about cutting some wires and in my manual are the datawire and immo power wire displayed but i'm not shure if i have to make this connection when using the harness? Thanks!
There is no support that allows the oem remote to remain functional while the vehicle is remote started. Normally, a trade technician would of added an aftermarket RF-KIT.