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How to use horn as alarm?

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Hey, I would like to start using the alarm on my evo one, on my 2018 Mazda 3. I have the evo one installed with the t harness but am having issues adding the horn. I ended up buying a horn to hook it up to rather then using the oem horn however I can't get it to work with the orange/black wire. I put 12v to the positive and the orange/black to the negative but isnt working. The module relay is clicking so it should be set up correctly. Any way to hook it up to the oem horn? Thanks
asked Jul 20 in Mazda by Shawn McGilchrist (130 points)

1 Answer

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Make sure when you hook up orange/black that you also enable option 14 in the remote starter so that it activates the alarm inside the module. Also, by default it will only honk on the 2nd lock press from the RF kit. If you want it to honk with each press you need to change option 11. All remote starter options are displayed in the quick guide (https://fortin.ca/download/33021/rf642w-install-guide-33021.pdf)


If you ground the horn yourself does it beep?

What RF kit are you using with the evo-one?


If you wanted to use the factory horn this is the vehicle information I have, be sure to test before connecting: 

Dark Blue

Driver kick panel, junction connector

18-Pin white connector

answered Jul 20 by Derek (190,780 points)