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Rfk 912 antenna

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I have rfk912 kit with antenna, the antenna led usually gives blue light, but sometimes specially when the car is left for a while , when i come back i find it very faint red color? What does this means ?
asked Jul 8, 2020 in Buick by Mohamed Ali (450 points)

1 Answer

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there are 2 LEDs.

The blue one and red one.

During the day, you may not see the blue led actually flashing, even though it is, due to the sun shining.  We added the red led in the middle for that purpose.


Also, you can connect the Antenna to the Flash Link. There is an option to turn on-off the antenna LED. While you are there, you can also update the antenna to 1.05.
answered Jul 10, 2020 by Robert T (279,340 points)
The problem not a the sun , this happens in dark, the blue led is sometimes not flashing at all after a while of leaving the car, sometimes when this happens very faint unnoticable red light can be hardly seen, and sometimes no light at all and the led is totally not working although the alarm function is armed, is that a defect in the anetnna itself or what it could be
when programmed correctly, The red led in the middle of the antenna simply replicates whatever the blue led on the tip of the antenna is doing.


The led will start flashing as soon as lock is pressed and stop flahing when unlock is pressed.


As i said, plug your antenna into the flash link and make sure it is at the latest 1.05 firmware and double check the options in the antenna. There are options you can change in the antenna in regards to the led.  


I would also suggest, after verifying antenna flash and options, to reprogram the remotes.


If you think the antenna is defective, simply contact your point of sale.
I just did what you told me, it was on 1.05 software but i reflashed again, i'll see if it happened again, thanx
I updated the antenna, all options were set, again the led light stops after sometime from flashing, i cannot find out what could be the problem
There is no problem. Mine also does this but it takes several hours before it stops.

It's too reduce consumption on the vehicles battery.
Thanks for your confirmation, i have 2 antennas , RFK912 which is doing this led issue, and RFK 411 which remain constantly running whatever the time the car left, so is there a specific option in Rfk912 to be closed to stop this or no clue for that issue
Correct, the 4 Series remote will flash constant.

The 9 series will turn off after X amount of time in order to reduce current draw.


Unfortunately there is no option to change the antenna led flashing.
Hello, any update came to solve antenna power saving mode and keep it constantly running ?


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