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Evo one and evo start 2

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i install evo start 2 with evo one a month ago in my Honda Accord 2014 automatic

till yesterday every thing ok car start by app and remote x3

but from yesterday soon as I press start engine button in applications it’s say door is open even

I check several time my car fully locked after I try to start car from inside the car what I saw

soon as I press start button in app car unlock then nothing happened then

after I try to start car by 3x from the outside it’s one time crank and stop

it’s look like I am in trouble please help me
asked Jun 10 in Honda by Mohmedasraf (190 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Assuming that parking lights were connected since they offer diagnostics.

How many times do the parking lights flash after attempting to remote start?
answered Jun 10 by Robb (240,840 points)
3 times
I found the problem

my hood pin is not on proper position

by the way thank you very much