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shock sensor activation

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Having Buick Regal without factory alarm with EVO-ALL Standalone installation With GMT6 Harness And RFK-912 External Remotre starter powered by RFA2A Cable

i got fortin dual stage shock sensor and wanted to connect it to evo-all

the cable came with the sensor has no where to be connected to RFA2A Or GMT6 harness

the only was is to connect it to RFA2A black connection directly to shock sensor itself, shock sensor gives red light but not triggering alarm on shocks

how to install it correctly to trigger alarm horn, and if possible without cutting and connecting wires??
asked Jun 9, 2020 in Buick by Mohamed Ali (450 points)

1 Answer

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There is no direct plug in for the shock sensor on the EVO-ALL. 

The RFA2A is only for an RF-KIT.

Once option G is enabled, and only when option G is enabled, both trigger wires of the shock sensor need to be connected to the PURPLE wire of the 20pin connector.  The purple wire is a dual stage shock sensor input when option G is on. When option G is NOT on, it is a unlock input. 


If you want to use the EVO-ALARM feature on the evo-all, please follow this guide for guidance on what the inputs/outputs will be once the EVO-ALARM option G is enabled. https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/16221/16221.pdf



answered Jun 10, 2020 by Robert T (279,340 points)

The purple wire is a dual stage shock sensor input when option G is on. When option G is NOT on, it is a unlock input. 

That's why i'm having problem with door lock and unlock with G option ON?

as RFk912 is not locking or unlocking with G option on?!!

It's actually purple/white the shock sensor input not purple.

I dont why  you are having lock-unlock not working.

Purple and puple/hite are inputs, not outputs. They simply change purpose when G is On.


On GM, Door locks are controlled on can-bus or through analog outputs if programmed without onstar.
i connected red wire to +ve , Black Wire connected to GND, blue wire has been connected to purple/white wire

armed the car and tried moving the shock sensor, horn alarm not firing, only red color led inside the shock sensor is illuminating upon movement but alarm is not firing, tried to increase and decrease the sensitivity, nothing changed

what it could be now?
Did you connect the horn?

The green wire is a (-)horn output. It needs to be connected to the cars (-)horn trigger.
yes connected and horn chrips already with lock and unlock


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