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Attempting to add rf912 to evo one

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I have an evo one with a T harness installed in my 2017 jetta (standard key) and have been using the manufacturers key fob to start my car for about a year now. Wanting to upgrade the range, I purchased an evo rfk 912 2-way rf kit to add to my evo one. Unfortunetly I am having issues installing it. I have tried following the instructions that came with the remote, I have tried to find other installation guides on the fortin website, and I have tried to see if there are any YouTube tutorials that could help. 

Things I have tried:

- Plugging the antenna in to port B on the EVO ONE

  • Standard reprogram of evo one (hold button, release on blue light , ect...)
  • Stoping on blue and red light (saw it in a youtube vid)
  • Looking on Flashlink manager for settings
  • all instructions that came with the remote

- Plugging the antenna in to the T-Harness

  • All of the same as above


I am yet to even get the led on the antenna to light up. Please help. 


asked Jun 3, 2020 in Volkswagen by Nathan Ah Sam (190 points)

1 Answer

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You have evoone, the red and blue programming is for evoone.

There is a small led on the side of the module right under the yellow loop. Make sure this led is not flashing, if it is, unlock doors until it stop flashing. Correct programming is :

Igniton ON

Ignition OFF

Ignition ON (red led under yellow loop will turn ON solid

4x press on the brake (each time the red led turn off and back on)

Blue led on antenna start flashing

[+] once on remote and then lock on remote.
answered Jun 3, 2020 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,020 points)

@Mathieu you wrote following :

"You have evoone, the red and blue programming is for evoone"

You mean to say

"You have evoone, the red and blue programming is for evo ALL"

Agree? Just making sure as i am trying to solve same problem.