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2012 Kia Soul standard key rf641w not unlocking and locking vehicle

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2012 Kia Soul standard key no immobilizer. Using thar-one-khy1. I am using the tachless mode. I have programmed 2 rf641w keys successfully, however they do not unlock and lock the vehicle properly. I even tested the wires to ground to verify ground control and that was better than the module was doing. So here's the behavior:

  • Lock: will not work unless I lock the car with the oem remote period. making me think the evo module is storing status incorrectly or is unaware.
  • Unlock. Works if I press the unlock button 3 times
    • I have also tried adjusting option 8 for this with no luck. (unlock pulse adjustment)
  • Kill start - I am unaware, but is there no feature to kill the remote start and turn the vehicle off via the remotes?

Thanks in advance.

asked May 19, 2020 in Kia by jon hatcher (450 points)

2 Answers

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So Rico again was correct, but i'll add some more color. found the issue to be the lock and unlock wires from the instructions provided in your pdf weren't correct for my 2012 kia Soul Base. There is a blue orange wire under the dash in the fuse panel that faces the passenger side, but is on the drivers side (not the best description I know. I'd add pictures, but it isn't supported here. A connector at the top has a brown wire in the corner. A blue and orange wire close by and a red wire. The Red wire is lock. The brown wire is all doors unlock and the blue orange is the drivers unlock I believe. Built a t harness for that and haven't had any problems. If you search forumns you'll find what i'm talking about. Found it there first. Then got on the wirecolor and found it there as well. Overall happy with the install. Thanks Fortin for the support! Next is installing the 942 on my other vehicle.
answered May 29, 2020 by jon hatcher (450 points)
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this is a full analog doorlock connection type, you will need to test with an led test light if the purple, purple/white and orange wires are outputting negative signals when the corresponding button on the rf642 remotes are pressed
answered May 20, 2020 by JM (55,420 points)
Thanks rico I will test