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2012 soul standard key no can bus communication evo one

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2012 Kia Soul standard key no immobilizer. Using thar-one-khy1. Blue light won't flash when programming. I can read codes and voltage to the fortin module white 5 pin matches obd output at around 2.37v low can and 2.67v high. Module,flashlink all at the latest firmware. Evo one flashes successfully. Just when key on it fails to finish programming. Also wired in the fortin hood switch. Any help? Since it's such a simple install it's embarrassing to ask for help. Should work and great instructions as usual.
asked May 18, 2020 in Kia by jon hatcher (450 points)

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Thanks rico for your comments I think they were 98% there. I think the complete answer here is for remote start to work in tachless mode you don't have to finish the programming step 4 per guide. So in other words key off press and hold program button. When blue led is on let go of programming and you're done. No white connector connection is needed. After this programmed rf keys and remote start function works. So i'm calling this portion resolved. Will start a new thread for another issue I'm having with keys
answered May 19, 2020 by jon hatcher (450 points)
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We only detect 1 thing on the canbus on that particular year, the tach signal, you can either put the module in tachless mode,, function 20.2 as long as the vehicle is automatic transmission.


Also, make sure you are only trying to program on blue led, since your vehicle has no immobilizer system. (last page of installation guide ONLY)
answered May 18, 2020 by JM (55,300 points)
Will try this. Can confirm only programming on blue
Ok just tried to setting to tachless. Took back to the vehicle. Plugged in the large connector first while holding the program button. Waited for the blue led only. Release programming button. Blue Led stays solid. Put key in and turn ignition on and again the same behavior. All Leds turn off. Tried it with white connector on and off. Here is the option I setup in the remote starter. Confirmed 20.2. Tried saving a screen shot, but it doesn't seem to show it after I save, but I can provide additional images or even video as desired.
If blue stays on solid after  turning the ignition to the on position, then the module is not detecting igntion correctly. check connections to the vehicle's igntion wire

if blue shuts off but does not flash after turnin the vehicle's ignition to the On position , then the Can H and L connections are no good, check wriing.


Or like I said before, you can set function 20, to 20.2 and you're done, no need to program the module to the vehicle, just plug it in, the leds will flash at the same time a few time then shut off.