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evo-start2 doesnt work

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i just purchase the evo-start 2 i have the evo-all and plug and play t harness also have the yellow wire plug directly in the ignition switch fallowed the programe installation seems to have installed correctly. i also purchase the flash-link and have flash the evo-all to the recomendation. truck will start on the remote by pressing lock lock lock but will not start with my cell phone i have downloaded the app registerd the app and when i try to start the truck with the app nothing happens not even a light.  the evo all and evo start has no respont to the cell.. whAT AM I DOING WRONG
asked May 12, 2020 in Ford by Ronnie Johnson (140 points)

1 Answer

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Nothing working from the app typically means that the antennA is not paired to the evoall correctly or at all. https://fortin.ca/download/69731/evo-start2-ant-install-guide-69731.pdf Make sure to follow the evoall pairing. At the last step, aonce you release the button on the antenna, the RED AND Blue led of the evo will flash once. This is confir.ation of successful pairing.
answered May 12, 2020 by Robb (262,210 points)