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Excalibur RF51EDP Paging Notification

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I am adding a Excalibur RF-51-EDP to my EVO-ALL Alarm/ Remote Start. My question before purchasing this unit is will paging notifications work with my EVO ALL? The only reason I am getting this kit over a fortin RF kit is the ability to recieve notifications on the remote if someone tries to get into my car or sets the alarm off when it's nearby. I found on the Fortin RF kit page that it is compatibile, but it doesn't say if paging will work or not.
asked 3 weeks ago in FAQ by Cam Cross (1,060 points)

1 Answer

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The signal of the alarm will be sent to the Excalibur antenna, if the antenna will send it to the remote is a good question for Excalibur.
answered 3 weeks ago by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (57,610 points)
selected 3 weeks ago by Cam Cross
I emailed Omega, and they confirmed it will work, if anyone has this question in the future.