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2013 Audi A5 Alternating flashing red and yellow after decryption

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2013 Audi A5 Cabriolet, push to start. Evo-all with THAR-AUD1. Good connection at CAN hi and low and brake pedal, T-harness to ignition. Software 60.08. Evo-all S/N 001A07073896. Suggested options loaded. Decryption succesful. When I re-connection after decryption, I get alternating red and yellow flashing, with no responce from a 3X lock. I have decrypted with both key fobs, and no responce with or without a key in the ignition slot, doors closed, open, makes no difference, still no responce.

Any suggestions would be reatly appreciated.

Thank you,

asked Apr 26, 2020 in Audi by Joe Callaco (380 points)

1 Answer

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Alternating red/yellow means dcryptor did not end successfuly,

After Dcryptor is 100%, wait until module reboots and Flashlink tell you to disconnect the module.
answered Apr 27, 2020 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (61,360 points)
Hmmm, that's what I have tried. I will try again and maybe going back into bypass after encryption and save my options again?

Does it matter if the battery is in the remote? I have read on some of the Audi install manuals, that the battery needs to be removed for programming,

Thank you.
Ok, it took a few more tries, I think I got the Decryption to be succesfull. Now when I plug the module in, I get all three light flashing for about 10 seconds, but still no responce.

Any more sugestions?

Thank you!
Still no luck here. I did a reset and now I am back to the red and yellow, alternating flashing. I have done the dcryptor many times, sometimes I get an empty key data error, then the next try, it'll finsih succesful. I have a TB-VW, but don't think I need it, or do I? I have been programming with both key fobs with the batteries in them. Do I need to be using the valet key, the plastic wallet key?

Help Please!!

Thank You!
I would suggest calling tech support at this point when you have the vehicle and module on hand.



9-5 Est

After some more tinkering here, I was still getting red and yellow flashing. I decided to update to firmware 75.xx, now FlashLink says I have exceeded my flash limit. I now get a responce from a 3X lock, some clicks and lights on the EVO-ALL and what seems like an attempt to start. I think I made some progress, but I can't adust any settings now.

I sent and email to support@ifar.ca with this photo of my EVO-ALL.

Will somebody be able to help me reset this?



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I finally managed to get this to work, I used an EVO-ONE and every thing worked fine with OEM remote and RF kit.

Used 60.10.

Thank you!!