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EVO ALL will not supply key information to Ford PATS system durinng start command?

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Installing EVO-ALL bypass with RS7-G4 Cool Start on older Ford Explorer without CAN data.  Remote start will work with key in ignition and EVO-All disconnected.  When EVO-ALL is added, the EVO-ALL indicates it accepts the 1 key programming.  When a remote start command is given the red LED lights on the EVO-ALL and stays on during start sequence.  The engine cranks but does not start.  During cranking the dash THEFT indicator light blinks rapidly as if the PATS system is not receving any indication of security code.  Have tried multiple series of programming for keys and wire connections with no success.  Have tried chaging data link configuration in the RS7 with no change in performance.  It does not appear wiring remote start directly to EVO-All instead of using datalink wire will resolve EVO-ALL either not sending code to pats or sending incorrect code to PATS.

Added wiring to door status circuit along with 6 pin connector D for battery power, start circuit and ignition circuit.  EVO ALL still does not supply code correctly to PATS system.  Have tried programming as a one key and two key install.  EVO ALL indicates it accepts programming for both configurations.  During remote start command EVO only lights the red LED and no otther LEDs come on.  Is this the correct lighting pattern for the EVO or should it also light the yellow LED?
asked Apr 12, 2020 in Ford by Neil Hess (130 points)
edited Apr 15, 2020 by Neil Hess

1 Answer

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please try to disconnect temporarily the blue and white wires in the black 4 pin datalink connector.  Then manually ground the dark blue wire in the 20 pin connector (GWR) the red led should illuminate on the evo-all, and while this led is lit, remote start the vehicle, if it starts this way, wire the GWR wire of your remote starter to this dark blue wire.


Also make sure no options for unlock before start are enabled on the bypass or the remote starter.
answered Apr 20, 2020 by Rico (-245,670 points)
I verified the doors do not receive an unlock command during remote start.

I disconnected the blue and white wires from the 4 pin connector and grounded the dark blue wire.  I get the red LED to light but when I try the remote start the EVO all is still not trasmitting the key codes to the PATS system.  I wired the blue wire back to my remote start wire for GWR and I can get the red LED to light when I try a remote start but still do not get the PATS to clear.  I have verified my RX and TX wiring to the key transponder.  I also verified my yellow wire is connected to a good ignition signal and I get power on the yellow wire when I attempt a remote start.  I acquired a Flash Updater and updated firmware to the recommended 4.18.  When I watch the video for programming the EVO ALL it shows I should get the red LED when a start command is given and then I should get the yellow LED oncce the remote start system sends its iginition signal to the vehicle.  I never get the yellow LED to light.  Is this an indicator there is an issue the EVO ALL?