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2014 Transit Connect No Key

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I have a different problem than the other NO KEY DETECTED questions in the forum.  

1. I have a flash updater ( most current flash)

2. I checked all the wiring and voltages

3. Using the Fort1 on 2014 Transit Connect XL with no existing remote start

After programming with the 2 key method, the read out says NO KEY DETECTED and the car does not start, but the car goes into run mode.  After reinsterting the key, the car still will not start with the key, until the EVO is unplugged.

After programming with the Dcrytor method, the Fortin Updater says there is no key data.
asked Apr 9, 2020 in Ford by Robert Dando (130 points)

1 Answer

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Dcryptor 1key only programming, should always work as long as Light Blue, Light Blue/Black, Yellow, and both CAN wires are properly connected.


All programming steps should be exactly like written in the guide aswell.


What is the service number of the evo-all?
answered Apr 9, 2020 by Robb (254,640 points)
nevermind, found your unit looking up via dcryptor status. Seems it went through.
Service Number is 001A06854692

All wires are properly connected according to Wire Color.

Yellow has 12v Ignition on , 0 Ignition off

Can bus wires are direct connected not using quick connects.

Okay. Ensure the vehicle is a 2014 and not a 2013 by what the 10th digit from the left is on the vehicle VIN. This is actually very important for the dcryptor to work as both years have different encryptions.  2013 = D and 2014 = E


Another note between both 2013 and 2014... 

  • YELLOW needs to be on ingition on the 2013
  • YELLOW needs to be on keysense on the 2014


After confirming the year, In this order

  1. do a reset https://fortin.ca/en/qa/50193/faq-how-do-i-reset-my-evo-all?show=50193#q50193
  2. make sure yellow is on either ignition or keysense depending on the year
  3. redo the unit options and change vehicle year if need be
  4. reprogram the unit in the car
  5. run the dcryptor.