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Evo-Start2 2020 Forte Install question

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Im installing an Evo-one with KHY2 in my 2020 kia Forte with an Evo-start 2. I've got the wiring figured out for Evo_one but the install for the Evo-start2 has me a little confused. The blue 4 pin antenna connection is obvious but im using a T-Harness (KHY2) for the Evo-one. The Evo_start install says to use the Black 4 pin Data link t-harness connector. There isn't one on my tharness. Could i get a little clarification of what i need to connect on the antenna cable besides the blue 4pin and the yellow ignition wire. The Evo-start2 install instructions shows 3 different installs for the Evo-one and all show the use of a 4 pin data connector either from the tharness or a RFA2A. The antenna cable has more connectors then any of the diagrams show. The 2 blue connectors and the yellow ignition wire are shown but the diagram doesn't show the black 4 pin female or the white 4 pin female or the other 3 wires (red,black,and green) on the antenna cable.
asked Apr 4, 2020 in Kia by James armstrong (300 points)

1 Answer

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The blue connector on the EVO-Start2 connect directly to the blue port on EVOONE. You have old EvoStart2 wire, you only connect the blue connector to EVOONE and the yellow wire to ignition, dont use the other wire/connector.

The "with tharness" instructions does not apply to THAR-ONE-KHY2
answered Apr 4, 2020 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)