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stand alone install on '18 F150 with no power options

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I want to install an EVO-ALL with FORD2 T harness and RFK411 kit and I am having an issue with step 9 of install.  I can get the stage after the second key and have the red and yellow ligh on solid and when I remove key it will turn the ignition on but will not flash blue light and will key ignition on.

What am doing wrong?
asked Apr 3 in Ford by Randy Isnor (130 points)

1 Answer

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Make sure you are using 2 master keys to program the module and that the firmware is 71.49


Aside from that.

- Count 3 to 4 door chimes when turning the keys on during programming.

- If spare key programming is not enabled in the vehicle, this programming will not work.

- if you dont have 2 master keys, this programming will not work.
answered Apr 4 by Robb (240,740 points)