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Problem with Ready Mode

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I have a 2018 Chevy Cruze (push to start) w/ Manual transmission - Evo One and TharGM6 T-Harness

***The recommended setting are applied and I have place the required 180 ohm resistor from the clutch sensor to      A5(white wire) on the main connection and all firmwares have been updated(flasher, bypass, starter)

When I follow the instructions to put the remote start into ready mode the following happens:

When I release the brake pedal, the car unlocks and the red and amber leds light up on the Evo

As soon as I open the door the vehicle shuts down

After I close the door and wait, I then attempt to start it and I get the three flashing parking lights indicating it is not in ready mode. I can lock/unlock the doors as well as the trunk, but I cannot start the vehicle. Please help.
asked Mar 20 in Chevrolet by Charles Hall (200 points)

1 Answer

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I figured out that if you press the unlock key on the RF Transmitter, then the vehicle will finish getting into ready mode. I didn't see an option for this I would like to turn it off so I do not have to press the remote everytime I get out of my vehicle just to get it into ready mode.
answered Mar 22 by Charles Hall (200 points)
What is the S/N to the module? This is located on the unit itself.