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Evo All and RF-ALL 641W Not starting 06 Dodge Charger.

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Installed Evo All with Thar-Chr5 T Harness as a Standalone remote start using guide #28831using F. Flashed to firmware 74.39 using Options- A1-A3, A7-A11, A14, B1, C1, D1, D1.6 ,D1.10, D5, H, H2. Installed RF-All with 641w Fobs using guide 25431. Everything with the fob programming went as stated in the guide. But when trying remote start or any other fob option the fob led work and beep, but I get nothing from the evo all module, like it has no power. Only time the antenna flashed was during fob programming.  

asked Mar 15, 2020 in Dodge by Carlos Paige (580 points)

1 Answer

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How did you connect the antenna to the module?

What is the S/N to the module?

If you ground the yellow/black on the 20 pin connector, does the vehicle remote start?
answered Mar 16, 2020 by Derek (205,310 points)
I connected the antenna to the module using the Fortin RF-A2A remote adapter.  

The S/N is 001A07099888.

Yellow/black wire on 20 pin grounded does not remote start. I'm getting no response from antenna or module.

Try a master reset on the unit in the vehicle following this guide: https://fortin.ca/en/download/61931/61931.pdf


Once this is done, return to the computer and enable only the following options:

A1 through A11

C1, D1, H, H2. Save the options. 

Reprogram the module in the vehicle. 


Done as you instructed. Leds on module and antenna flashed as they should all the way up to turning the key back to the off position. Tried the fob got no response or lights from module.

Did you reprogram the remotes following the steps on pages 3 & 4? https://fortin.ca/download/25431/rf641w-install-guide-25431.pdf


Did you test using the yellow/black wire again too see if it would at least start the vehicle?

Yes to both questions. I'm going to try to a Revo 4.1 5 button rf add on kit, to see if that may be the problem.
Master reset again. Chose options A1 through A11, C1, D1, H, H3, saved in options.With yellow/black wire from 20 pin grounded. Programmed the Revo 4.1 using guide 25431 but pressed the start button to link and get the one flash.  Still not getting anything other than fob led. No lights on module or sounds from car when trying to remote start.
The yellow/black should only be grounded when you are testing the evo. It should not be grounded all the time. That is the activation input for the module.


Only other thing I would suggest before getting the unit exchanged would be to make sure the hood pin wire is not grounded or to try turning off A11 in the module incase the OEM hood pin is faulty.


Other than that i Would suggest trying another evo if this one is unresponsive.
A year later, I bought and program 2 oem key fobs blanks. Programmed the Evo to monitor them and the car started right.