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Issues With THAR-GM7 in 2016 Sierra 3500 (guide 91291)

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THAR-GM7 EVO-ALL and Crimestopper RS4-G5 (datalink; only wires other than Datalink connector from the starter are power and ground because for some reason the starter would not work off the power provided by the DLC)

Module programmed fine.

Remote start worked several times in a row right after install.

Fast forward to next day, delivery of vehicle--remote start worked one time. After that, the ignition would power up but would not attempt to crank. Tried a dozen times, checked plugs. Then the dreaded "service immobilizer system light" came on the dash and I just about S**T a brick. At that point I tried to start with the key--no crank. Wait 30 seconds, thankfully it started up.

Reprogrammed module (decryptor process and all) Remote start works fine a dozen or so times, I send the customer on his way. Get a call back within an hour that it's doing all kinds of weird things--locks are acting strange (randomly locking/unlocking) remote start will sometimes work, sometimes not. The weirdest issue is that when he starts with the KEY, drives around, stops, turns the KEY off, the truck will continue running UNTIL the brake is depressed.

Could this be a firmware issue?   I'm just reviewing the installation manual and it mentions "modules manufactured between certain dates" enable option E5. When I read this during installation I assumed that it was referring to the vehicle manufacture date, not the module. I don't believe the module was manufactured almost a year ago or more, as it came packaged with the THAR-GM7 which just became available.
asked Mar 12 in GMC by Josh Ley (470 points)

1 Answer

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What is the s/n to the module?
answered Mar 12 by Derek (178,310 points)
Try connecting the lt.blue wire to the lt.blue/black on the 20 pin connector, then turn on option E5 in the module the test.
Will try that. Customer called earlier stated his battery has died two days in a row. I've had similar issues with the EVO-ALL and parasitic drain in GM vehicles. Have the module set in standalone mode now, is this likely a related issue?
I doubt it. Normal current draw for evo-all once the vehicle has gone to sleep is or 7mA (+/-2mA). I would start by doing a parasitic draw test and battery test on the vehicle.