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2010 CC Sport factory alarm triggers when unlocking from viper 5704 remote- using evo all

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Remote start and door lock-unlock works properly. Door locks-unlock through can bus using Evo All. External relay to pulse ignition using viper door unlock to "energize" can bus. Unlocking with viper remote after car sets for an hour or so, factory alarm triggers
asked Mar 9, 2020 in Volkswagen by Shannon Bruno (160 points)
edited Mar 9, 2020 by Shannon Bruno

1 Answer

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Disarm on this vehicle is done via ignition & key sense and key codes (key wrap).

Unlock does not disarm the vehicles alarm.

Verify your key wrap and how you are energizing the vehicle ignition and key sense during unlock. Your viper unit should have an option for this in the settings of the module.
answered Mar 9, 2020 by Derek (228,160 points)
Thank you for the fast response. With Viper, using 200ma negative Factory alarm disarm, I energize key sense, ignition, and transponder (key wrap)? Using a single relay to convert negative to positive while diode isolating everything? Thank you again for the help