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I have a manual trans Audi s4 2009 keyport Evo One , i have installed the T-harness - yellow line from 6 pin to the clutch bypass (red/blk) in engine bay as per pics, Canbus High and Low installed correctly and the Pink from the 6 pin to the purple/ yellow  to convenient ignition out.

I have the module programmed as per intructions and no error. when connect all the plugs and lock the car then try 3x lock to RS nothing happens. I see the module flash with a blue led at every lock and unlock but no ignition.

Evo One S/N 002B04013291

Thank you in advance!

asked Mar 5, 2020 in Audi by Stuart Pullen (190 points)

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Sounds like you aren't setting ready mode. 


You need to enable option 33.2 in the remote starter settings then refer to choice 3 in this guide for ready mode procedure. https://fortin.ca/en/download/87611/87611.pdf

answered Mar 5, 2020 by derek ! (285,990 points)
selected Mar 8, 2020 by Stuart Pullen
Thanks Derek,

Ive just set 33.2 and i have the car responding to the ready mode, but... when i remove the key then engine does keep running up untill i open the door then it stops, and not when i close it as the treadt mode instructions describes. It still wont respond to the 3x lock for the RS.

Thanks for the help.


When you press lock on the OEM remote, does the blue led flash on the evo?


Also double check that option C1 & D6 are on in the bypass and option 38.2 is on in the remote starter as well.


Also turn off 37.2
Using the OEM key does flash the evo blue led, I have changed the push to start option to "On" as I had it off ,is that correct for the key port option S4? D6 was On. I set the car into ready mode the red and amber led light up at the same time and the engine is still running till I open the drivers door and then the engine switches off. After I get out and close the drivers door it locks the doors automatically (which it didnt do before the evo install ) and after I try the 3x lock the evo unit flashes blue for the first press then misses the second press and flashes for the 3rd press.
Slow down how fast you are pressing lock.


Also turn off 37.2. It's still on.
37.2 was the culprit! Thank you very much. Without your help it would have ended up in tears and frustration, and some broken stuff!!! Thanks again Derek, Stu.
Glad you got it going.


All the best.