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Dycryptor have reached maximum limit

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Module has reached dycryptor maximum limit,can you please reset dycryptor?

also do I need to turn on anything on the module to get my rear defrost to work,I have already tap the yellow/black wire to my rear defrost wire,thanks
asked Mar 1 in Subaru by Edrice Iraola (710 points)

1 Answer

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Dcryptor will be available within the next 24hrs.


Enable option 39.2 for the yellow/black to activate automatically when temperatures are below 5C when remote started.  If you have aftermarket remotes, simply send AUX1 once remote started.
answered Mar 2 by Robb (239,650 points)
Thank you very much,really appreciate it..

I dont how you connected your rear defrost but.....

Yellow/Black should NOT be directly connected to your rear defrost wires. Hopefully you have a relay setup in there.... Rear defrost will pull up to 30 Amps. Output on evo is 500mA


If yellow/black is connected to the switch, then it should be fine. 

Oh ok,yes actually I had it connected to the defrost wire behind the fuse box,but still don't turn on by remote,if I were to add a relay do you have  a diagram for it?of not I'll have to find the wire at the switch.thanks for the update