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Getting brake on error with evo all and compustar cm900.

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I installed a compustar cm920 with a Evo all using datalink cable on a 2019 kia Sorrento key start vehicle and it will work fine but randomly not start using remote start and I get an error code from the parking lights saying foot brake on. This is strange because it's all thru data and it will only happen once every 10 times or so. I have a options A1-A11, C1, F2 on.

The vehicle does NOT have an immobilizer. Programmed using just the blue light for CAN and programming went fine.


Not sure what would cause this.
asked Feb 23, 2020 in Kia by Mike M (9,820 points)

1 Answer

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Since it has no immobilizer, the module may not be in the proper mode.

Turn off A7 - Foot brake status and wire your CM920 to the vehicles brake wire.


You can try forcing it into the proper mode by pressing the programming button 12 times after blue led starts to flash. I would suggest to just wire the brake though. Quick n easy.
answered Feb 24, 2020 by Robert T (279,840 points)
selected Feb 24, 2020 by Mike M
Ok thanks what is the wire color and location for the vehicle brake wire?
Green/Orange at brake switch and/or dash fuse box black 51 connector B pin 12


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