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2011 Ford F150 ignition turns on but does not crank. EVO-ALL flashes red 3 times.

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Module flashed and programming work as expected.  The ignition turns on but it won't crank.  Unit flashes red 3 times.

The remote start works immediately after programming, touching the brake shuts off the engine.  However as soon as I use the key in the ignition the pressing lock 3x no longer works.
asked Feb 22, 2020 in Ford by Micah Toftness (130 points)
edited Feb 22, 2020 by Micah Toftness

1 Answer

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No crank normally means the immobilizer never programmed properly, the reason it starts 1x after programming is because the vehicle retains the immobilizer code from the actual key itself.


Reprogram the module and make sure that the vehicle's doorlocks cycle by themselves after re-inserting Key #1  and turning it to ignition, (red and blue leds should be flashing at this point)
answered Feb 25, 2020 by JM (61,760 points)