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2014 Q50 Infiniti - RFK942 Remotes requires to be re-programmed every 24-36 hours

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2014 Q50 Push Start with Fortin EVO-ALL EVONIST4 Remote Start Module & T-harness. (Standalone)

BYPASS Firemware 72.43

RFK942 2-Way RF Kit (Installed with RFA2A Cable)

Installed RFK942 RF Kit no isses programming both remoted (Lock,Unlock and start all works) But after 24-36 hours both RM942 remoted stop working. On the Antenna when this happens its blink blue and green once when I use the RM942 remotes(both units). Not sure this is a bug or defected device. When I reprogram both RM942 remotes again it will work fine for day then stops. Also the OEM Fob still works fine starting the vehicle (push lock 3 time)
asked Feb 13, 2020 in Infiniti by Allen Wong (130 points)
edited Feb 13, 2020 by Allen Wong

1 Answer

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Opdate your antenna firmware to 1.05. It will solve this issue.
answered Feb 13, 2020 by derek ! (276,840 points)
Is there anything special or documentations to update antenna firmware to 1.05 ? When I plug the antenna ANT900 directly to Flash-Link 4 the FlashLink Manager 4 does not detech the antenna. The Blue LED still blinks when I run the auto detection in FlashLink Manger.

Flash-Link 4 firmware 4.05 and using the provided cable.

FlashLink Manager Sotware Version 4.51


- Open flashlink

- Connect Flash link updater.

- Click Configuration > Special Unit

- Plug in antenna

- Flash 1.05. 

Test in the vheicle. You may need to re pair them in the vehicle after the flash. 



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