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Need help with the programming

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I have a  2014 Chevy Silverado 1500. I got the Evo-All installed all the wiring and when I got to the programming step it found the device but said it couldn't find the module. In the some videos I watched it said you needed this red module and in another video it said you didn't need it. I'm confused on how to do the programming. I've done all the steps inside the cab just need to get the programming done. I got all the way up to past step 9 with the blue light slowly flashing, and it says to unplug and plug into computer and I downloaded the flashlink just like in the video with the latest 4.51 version
asked 2 weeks ago in Chevrolet by Cody Burns (130 points)
edited 2 weeks ago by Cody Burns

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module? It can be located on the back of the module.
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (173,500 points)