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evo all not even starting the ignition audi a4 2011 automatic

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i tried everything and evo all wont start my car, i can hear clicks in the dashboard but no ignition lights and finally after 6,7 sconds the car gets unlocked instead of starting.
asked Feb 7, 2020 in Audi by SAMEER SEHRAWAT (160 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
what is the 12 digit service number of the module?

Are you using a t-harness or not?

Do ALL THREE brake lights turn on when attempting to remote start?
answered Feb 7, 2020 by Robert T (284,540 points)
Yes i am using thar-aud1 harness, doing stand alone install.

I tried one thing, i sat inside the car and placed the key fob near the key port and pressed lock 3 times, the car started, so somehow the car needs the key near the key port to start the car using evo all so there was nothing wrong with the wiring and software, it needs a key wrap i guess, but i have only one key fob so what can i do?

what is the 12 digit service number of the module?