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starter will not allow the vehicle to turn off?

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2011 ford edge ts133 titan starter, THAR-ford1 harness and evo-all by pass. installed the system and it worked. customer comes back and says that the vehicle will not shut off unless you unplug the data link connector.  tryed new starter module and new evo all. when i programmed the evo all as soon as i turn the key onn the ignition will stay on. open the hood does not make a difference and neither will the brake.  when its running the vehicle is fully operational and drivable with out the key in the ignition. any ideas?
asked Jan 10, 2014 in Ford by Darcy Lefebvre (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Darcy,

  1. What is the 12 digit service number written on the back of the EVO?
  2. Are there any lights on on the EVO when the vehicle is not wanting to stop?


the hood does not make a difference and neither will the brake.

This happens when the EVO is not detecting ignition on its yellow wire when the vehicle is started. It can also happen if the Can-Hi and Can-Lo are not on the right set of CANs at the OBD-II connector.

If you email me at support@ifar.ca with your number, i`ll do my best to call you on Monday.


answered Jan 10, 2014 by Robb (201,550 points)
the number is #001A06295566.

and the yellow and red are on.

and i tried 2 evo all's and the same thing happened with both of them. and im using the ford harness if that makes a difference? please respond asap
Can you advise the out come and what fixed this problem, having same issue with an Escape not disengaging from starter.
Hi Jeff,


Please call tech support when you have the vehicle so we can easily troubleshoot it with you. Any representative will be able to help.


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