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2015 Jetta Push To Start can't operate door looks with RF-KIT 642W

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I just installed an EVO-All with Crimestopper RF-KIT 642W using a T-Harness in my 2015 Jetta TDI with Push to Start.

The factory fob still works and can remote start by pressing lock 3 times.

The 642w fob can only remote start and remote stop the car. It has no control over the door locks or trunk.

When I press the lock or unlock button on the 642w fob I see the blue led on the EVO-All come on slightly.

What am I missing?

Thank You!
asked Jan 30 in Volkswagen by Tyler Miller (180 points)

1 Answer

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Best answer

-Turn off A5

-Connect green.red mux doorlock wire as shown in the guide: https://fortin.ca/download/61431/evo-all_ig_sal_bi_vol-jetta_2011-2014_pts_tb_h_61431.pdf

answered Jan 30 by Derek (182,240 points)
selected Jan 30 by Derek
Turning off A5 fixed my issue. Thank you!