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2017 Highlander It Locks/Unlocks but DIDNT remotely start from Mobile.

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2017 Highlander Push to start EVO All standalone with Tharness & Evo start2 It Locks/Unlocks but DIDNT remotely start from Mobile.

I had evoall standalone with Tharness installed on the 2017 Toyota Highlander push to start working perfectly fine

Purchased a evo start2  with flash Link Updator 4

Removed the evo all module and update the firmare to latest

Save receommended options and save the options

Checked the Option C1,D1 H & H2 are on on the module

Try to decrypt thru decryptor, didnt succed

Installed EVostart 2 Antenna in the car windshield

NOTE: the antenna cable shown in installation guide is bit different from shown, have more connector and loose 4 cables red black yellow and green

Using Connection1 from evostart2 guide for EVO ALl standalone Installation

StepA:Connect 6 pin Antenna conector to  Antenna

Step B: Connect 4 pin female blue connector to 4 pin male black connector from T harness

STep C: Connect Yellow wire from Antenna cable to Yellow wire going on A1 on 20pin  white connector of T harness

Program EVO All with EVO start2 and got a green light. (programming successful)

Installed app on mobile and try to start,

When trying to start from MObile, the evostart2 gets a signal, shows blue light in atenna , but do nothing

I tried with OEM key fob for lock x3, it does nothing

Factory Reset the module, flash the module using flash Link Updator 4

Turn on c1 d1 and d6 h2

Program the module again and works with oem remote

Program the evo start2

Able to lock and Unlock, but not able to start from mobile


I removed the yellow wire sttached to tharness


ALso checked grounding dark blue wire from 20 pin T harness to check if get red, NO D1 is enabled

please help
asked Jan 26, 2020 in Toyota by Gurinder Litt (190 points)
edited Jan 26, 2020 by Gurinder Litt

1 Answer

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Yellow needs to be connected for proper operation.

What is the 12 digit service number of the module?
answered Jan 27, 2020 by Robb (262,670 points)
Will share by EOD as module is in car.
Hi Robb

Service No is 001A06820168

Please explain, where the yellow wire from EVO Start2 will be connected ?

Also I only connected the 4pin black connector to T harness blue female connector.

There are 3 more connectors and 3wires from evo start2, pls let me know if all need to isolated.

At present, the lock unlock is working from mobile app.

Yellow need to be connected to an ignition source. That would be the also yellow wire of the t-harness. Test it, it will give 12v whenever ignition is on.


The red and black wires are not required since antenna gets power from the t-harness blue connector. Make sure to properly isolate/tape those 2 extra wires.


Re-reading your initial comment, since it also does not start with 3xlock,

-- what does the red led do when remote starting with 3xlock?

-- does ignition turn on when remote starting with 3xlock?


Note, if the vehicle is equipped with a factory remote starter, active or not, it needs to be completed removed for any aftermarket remote starter to be functional...
Hi Robb

Please ignore the 3xlock issue, as after factory reset, flashn and reprogramming it worked.

There is no factory remote starter, ever installed in this vehicle.

I connected back the yellow wire to yellow wire on 20 pin T harness. Also checked, the yellow wire on 20Pin Tharness connector is getting +12v when ignition is on.

As per guide 69731 Page 12, I connected the black 4pin from T harness to blue female 4 pin antenna connector. Red, black and green wires are isolated...

As per guide, it didnt say anything about green wire, Black connector and white conectors from antenna harness.

Still I am able to lock and unlock from mobile app, but not able to remote start the car.

please help


As per guide 69731 Page 12, I connected the black 4pin from T harness to blue female 4 pin antenna connector. Red, black and green wires are isolated...

As per guide, it didnt say anything about green wire, Black connector and white conectors from antenna harness.


Whomever sold you the kit gave you an EVO-START and not EVO-START2 cable. Which is why it does not look the same as in guide 69731. Either have the kit changed or follow guide 59871 for wiring config. Which is basically plug antenna cable straight into evo and wire 12v and ground.  https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/59871/evo-start-install-guide-59871.pdf

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If issue persists, please contact support directly. 

Hi Robb

Was busy during week. today I connected as you said and it starts the vehicle.

I am able to start or stop the vehicle from mobile once.

When i started the vehicle from app, it doesnt shows the vehicle running or timer running in the app.

I tried several times again in next 30 mins, only lock and unlock works. But still the timer on the mobile keep on going, restart app multiple times, still timer was going. try stopping vehicle from vehicle, though it was not even started.

What can be the issue.?

Is there some time gap of 35mins between start and restart from App.?

I installed the antenna on the left top corner of the windshield, is that can be any reason.
1. Test your yellow wire.

2. Antenna placement. Cannot be within 3 inchs of any metal piece. This includes the metal arm of a rear view mirror.

3. The app works with push notifications. Make sure nothing in the phone is blocking notifications.
Hi Robb

1.Tested yellow wire again, it has 12v when ignition on.

Only issue left is timer on app, not allow to restart when the timer is still going.