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Heated seats not coming on

0 votes
2019 Ford Edge heated seats not coming when remote starting using evo all with rs4 g5 push to start customer has also a 2016 also and the heated seats do come on it's wired up the same with the same product the options are turn on the evo all
asked Jan 24 in Ford by steve m (1,340 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
It's the car that actually controls that.

Depends if the bcm's oem starter option is set to "last used" or if the heated seats option upon remote start is enabled in the bcm. Same with rear defrost.

If the vehicle has the oem starter controls in the cluster user menu, you can enable/disable them there to. He can also have that menu enabled at the dealer if he wants.
answered Jan 27 by Robb (237,880 points)