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2013 Toyota Corolla Evo-All stuck on step 5 in programming procedure

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Hi, I installed a remote start on a 2013 Toyota Corolla that uses the Evo-All bypass module. I am currently stuck on step 5 of the programming procedure on page 3. When I turn the key to the on position the blue and red led light from the previous step turn off and nothing happens. I checked all the wiring going to the ODBll with a multimeter and everything seems fine. The remote start does crank over the engine but will not start unless the key is close to the ignition. Does anybody have any suggestions?
asked Jan 21, 2020 in Toyota by Daniel g (160 points)

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module?

Do the lights just go out and stay out at step 5?


If you let go on just the blue led, plug in all connectors and then turn the ignition to the ON posiiton what does the blue led do?
answered Jan 22, 2020 by derek ! (284,770 points)
Thank you for the fast response. The service number is #001A06821946. Yes, the lights go out and stay off. I just tried letting go on the blue light and turned the ignition on and the light turned off and stayed off.
issue with CAN-BUS connections if blue stays off