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2006 4runner evo-one with RM411

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2006 4runner using evo-one with T-Harness and rf kit RM-411. I wired up everthing according to guide #84911 except for the pink wire going to the parking lights. I cannot find a 28 pin connector so i left it off. The real issue is everything else should work but it is not acting right after updating the module and then hooking it up to the car and programing it the locks work and i can get one remote start but thats all, if i disconnect the battery and hook it back up i can get a crank but no start. the only way i can get it to remote start again is to un hook the module and start over reprogramming it to the car. Is there a cercain firmware version i need to be using? I've tried .81 for the rf kit and i have tried the newest one 1.24 i think. I used all the recomended setting according to the web site but nothing is working right.
asked Jan 20 in Toyota by Nathan berry (230 points)

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module?


Does idle mode work?
answered Jan 21 by Derek (174,020 points)
S/N - 002B04054993

I have done some more research and have found out the 28 pin connector is actually a 26 pin connector on the side of the under dash fuse box so I have the lights working now but can still only get one start. With the light working it is showing the Ready Mode is Disabled (lights flash 3 times). I have tried several combinations of opening and closing doors turning car off and on even drove it to the store hoping something would enable it but nothing will.   I am not exactly sure what idle mode is supposed to do so i can't answer that with confidence, when the car does remote start it sounds normal.
Are you saying when it fails to start the light flash 3 times?


Is it before or after the truck has cranked over?
it doesnt try to crank at all, the lights just flash 3 times
Did you cut the yellow loop?
it doesnt try to crank at all, the lights just flash 3 times

yes it is cut, and ends are taped to prevent them from touching
After many attempts at trying to get our remote start to work properly and a few phone calls a rep suggested that the module was faulty. I bought a new module and wired everything the same as i did before and it is finally working good. The only thing is the door locks will not operate after the car starts, I know this is normal for the factory key fob but I thought the locks would work with the RF kit, is this right?
It should work, If it does not work you would want to verify your purple and purple/white wires. Make sure you are on the lock/arm (Blue in drivers kickpanel) & disarm/unlock (Green in drivers kick panel) wires in the drivers kick. Unluck requires double pulse (8.2 in the starter).
door lock/ unlock work fine as long as car is not started. once started they no longer work. so if car is started with doors locked it has to be shut down before keyless entry works again.

Regular Lock and Unlock will also be needed if the Lock/Arm and unlock/disarm do not operate while the car is running. 


From EVO to CAR

  • Purple to Blue/White
  • Purple/White to Blue/Orange and Green (2 diodes required to isolate circuit)
  • Dark Blue to Blue  (enable option 32.4 for evo dark blue to be an ARM output)


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