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Informational: Interfacing Compustar T11/T12-style remotes to EVO-ONE

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I'm not a Fortin rep but someone might find this useful --

I struggled with making these types of Compustar remotes work with the EVO-ONE.  There are a few reports here of success with these remotes, and I had to do alot of experimentation to get satisfactory results, because these reports were somewhat vague and didn't cite which Firmware revisions were used when these observations were made.

I can report that Firmware 7.1.24 (latest as of this thread) allows full function of these remotes without any drama, with the exception of a missing "remote start ready" (engine icon) indicator, which to me isn't any type of deal-breaker considering the capabilities of these units.  Temperature, voltage, trunk, remote valet, alarm paging, etc. all work.

The Fortin documentation states that FW 7.0.96 must be flashed for (supported) Compustar remotes, but this FW level is not sufficient to get full function from the (unsupported) T11/T12 remotes.

7.0.96 - Couldn't program remotes with Mode 1 or Mode 5.

7.1.16 - Remotes programmed immediately on Mode 5 and function, but temperature and voltage status reported erroneous numbers.

7.1.24 - Remotes programmed immediately on Mode 5 and all functions appear to work, with the exception of the "ready" engine icon which indicates a remote start is possible.  IMHO, might be an issue for manual-transmission vehicles.  Remote start functions regardless.

To get this remote to work, flash the EVO-ONE to 7.1.24, and program the remotes with Mode 5.   That's it.

** IMPORTANT ** -- There's no LED or valet switch on the antenna, even though the plastic housing looks like these features are there.  This seriously confused me.  I was trying to press that plastic square over-and-over thinking this was a valet switch, but it's a cosmetic feature, and does nothing, and there's no LED.  I had to pop the antenna open to confirm this.  Just flash to 7.1.24 and follow the instructions in the Compustar document from Fortin to program the remotes using Mode 5.
asked Jan 20 in FAQ by Jeffrey Ingber (570 points)
edited Jan 20 by Jeffrey Ingber

1 Answer

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Just to add --

You have to do the pin-swap on the blue 4-pin plug as per the Fortin/Compustar guide.
answered Jan 20 by Jeffrey Ingber (570 points)