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Informational: Interfacing a flashing LED to EVO-ONE

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I'm not a Fortin rep but someone might find this useful --

I wanted to interface a flashing LED to an EVO-ONE, and didn't want to use something like a "dummy" flashing 12V LED as this doesn't properly convey the status of the unit (arming/armed/valet) and my antenna doesn't contain it's own LED.

I ended up aquiring the following --

1- RFAXL202 kit, which is a pair of harnesses used to interface DEI anetnnas to the EVO-ONE with an XL-202.

2- A DEI 2v "super-bright" LED (either the red or blue ones.  The blue LED is several orders of magnitude brighter than the red at the same 2v, if that's what you want).

3- A 220ohm resistor.

The RFAXL202 kit contains a four-pin blue plug with a single orange wire.  I de-pinned the orange wire on the Fortin plug and inserted the pin from the DEI LED connected to the blue wire on the DEI LED in its place.  I insertered the pin on the DEI LED connected to the red wire into the Fortin plug directly adjascent to the blue DEI wire that replaced the orange wire.  I put a 220ohm resistor in series on the red wire on the DEI LED.  The resistor is necessary because the EVO-ONE is outputting 5V on the pin used by the red wire and the DEI LED operates at 2V.  This new plug will go into the larger of the two blue 4-wire plugs.

This will give a functional status LED that mimicks what would be found on an antenna or a conventional car alarm.

You can use a 12V, non flashing LED and simply connect the (-) to the orange wire on the blue plug from the RFAXL202, but I think this method of interfacing the LED is cleaner, and I find the appearance of the DEI LED housings to be aesthetically superior to a generic 12V LED when installed into a blank panel, etc. in a vehicle.
asked Jan 20, 2020 in FAQ by Jeffrey Ingber (740 points)
edited Jan 20, 2020 by Jeffrey Ingber

1 Answer

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Good info Jeffrey. Keeping it in my favorites.
answered Jan 27, 2020 by Robert T (279,340 points)


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