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2012 VW beetle starts and stalls no key message

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2012 beetle standard key using Evo all and tb-vw and tharness vw3 . If I put the key in the ignition the car will stay running. If I just hold the key next to the ignition the car says no key and shuts off.
asked Jan 18 in Volkswagen by john vanderpool (130 points)
edited Jan 31 by john vanderpool

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module? 

Do you have to jump the transponder wires back togheter to get it to remote start with the key in the barrel? Or does it work leaving the wires and tb-vw as shown in the diagram?




answered Jan 31 by Derek (186,920 points)
001A07070783. It starts leaving the tb-vw connected as shown in the guide.
Did you extend the wires on the TB-VW?
No left them the length they came and cut the blue wire and soldered the green wires in.
perhaps try rolling the version back to 75.36 and re program the module from A-Z.
I will give that a shot tonight.
Rolled firmware back repeated programming and decryptor reinstalled . Still says no key and shuts down after starting
I am having the same issue on a 2104 VW Passat.  Same "Key Not In Range" message. If the key is in the barrrel in the off position I hit the lock 3X and it starts and runs. I step out of the vehicle and try the 3x lock - it starts then dies, tries to restart on its own then dies again... this was a replacement unit from Crutchfield since we thought the first unit was possibly defective. I have also swapped out the TB-VW part with this replacement unit & I am still having the issues. Fortin is closed for support on the weekends so I have a call into the Crutchield advisors. They are usually very helpful. If I get a resolution from them that solves our issue I will certainly update you with the results.
Were you able to figure it out ? I still haven't had any luck

If the red led is on Solid during the first few seconds of remote start, it is not the correct wire that was used for the immobilizer wire. Red led should be flashing rapidly and briefly the first few seconds.  


2014 Passat

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2012 Beetle

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