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no option of THAR-ONE HON7 on civic 2019 push to start

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There are only two methods listed in the flashlink manager HON6 and wire to wire .. HON7 is not listed and can't flash my module. Does anyone have the same issue's if so what did you do? Am I missing something.. Thanks in advance
asked Jan 11, 2020 in Honda by Zandrix Estinor (260 points)

1 Answer

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I was about to tell you what I did in the pro mode today, however it looks like they added the HON7 in the flashlink manager sometime between last night and when I got home today!

I also had to go into pro mode and change setting 33.1 to 33.2 because I have the 3x lock. Not sure why the wizard doesn't do this when you specify 3x lock.

Also the manual has absolutely zero mention of ready mode for manual transmission I had to figure that one out for a while.
answered Jan 15, 2020 by Jakob Trumpower (150 points)
edited Jan 15, 2020 by Jakob Trumpower