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audi a$ EVO AUDT1 remote start engine running put key in car died

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all programes done, remote start engine running get inside the car pressed brake pedal engine still running also can drive without key and trying put key in engine died, what is the problems//???
asked Jan 7, 2020 in Audi by chris lo (350 points)

1 Answer

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As long as the module sees an unlock command, it will allow take over.  If unlock is not detected (someone breaks in), it will shut down once the door is open.


For the rest, need to know make model year of the vehicle.
answered Jan 7, 2020 by Robert T (284,490 points)
hi Robb,

audi A4 2009 quattro 2.0T sedan, thanks
Assuming the car does not have a separate push button (key port only), when you insert the key, try not to press in too deep. If you do, you are basically shutting off the car. Just like when you normally shut off the car.
Thank you Robb, sorry late response went away,i'll do it as directed.