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park lights 2019 f250

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on the 2019 f250 it says to interupt pin 4 (ground) with the yellow and red and yellow and green wires from evo all and to splice into pin 11 (park light) circuit. after doing this during programming it seemed to blow ign fuse 18 5a. part 2 of this question. the remote start is a pro start (supplied by customer) and we are using the ford t harness is the pro start a data link or direct link compatible remote start or does the evo all need to be hard wired ?
asked Jan 7 in Ford by Nolan Haugen (130 points)

1 Answer

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Enable option F3 for datalink and make sure the prostart is in Expresskit protocol and not fortin. Also make sure to be using firmware 4.01.


No fuses should be blowing by interrupting the parking light circuit.
answered Jan 7 by Robb (240,740 points)
awesome i didnt think it had anything to do with it. would option f3 being off be the reason the park lights do not come on when programming? i run an automotive shop and i dont have any of the technology to update these. are the options only accessed via controller?
All unit options and flashing is done via the flash link, correct.


What is the service number of the module?